The Accidental Yakuza

Complete at 100,000 words, THE ACCIDENTAL YAKUZA is an international crime whydunit set in Iraq, San Diego, Tokyo, and Guam.

It is available for representation.

When Marine Lieutenant Hiro McAllister sets out to search for his father, long believed dead, he makes a stunning discovery: not only is Dad alive, but he’s rocking it as Oyabun (Godfather) of a notorious Japanese crime syndicate. Hiro confronts the gangster, who adamantly denies paternity, but strangely, invites him to “work” with him. Struggling with life after war, beset by PTSD, and seeking closure, Hiro accepts the Oyabun’s offer, oblivious to the gangster’s real motivation—imminent plans for the organization’s international expansion.

Hiro plunges deep into Japan’s underworld and performs like the best of them. But as the cathartic thrill fizzles, he realizes he’s but a pawn in a violent game, and must craft an exit to survive. An out seems within grasp when he is sent to Guam to reboot the gang’s mothballed hotel development, except that the assignment comes with a steep price—orders to eliminate a former member hiding out on the island.

On Guam, the only light in Hiro’s ever darkening world, is a passionate relationship with the politically connected and charismatic, Carla. Hiro knows his back story endangers Carla, but can’t let her go. Ironically, she embroils him in a local conspiracy run by perps who will kill to keep their scam under wraps. With the walls closing in from all sides, Hiro must play his cards right to redeem himself and save the only person in the world he cares for.


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@BacklistedPod Rosamond Lehmann's description of time under the spell of love was astonishing. A sobering reminder that I have far to go.