The Accidental Yakuza

Complete at 100,000 words, THE ACCIDENTAL YAKUZA is an international crime whydunit set in Iraq, San Diego, Tokyo, and Guam.

It is available for representation.

When Marine Lieutenant Hiro McAllister sets out to search for a father his mother insisted was dead, he makes a gut-wrenching discovery: not only is Dad alive, but he’s rocking it as Oyabun (Godfather) of a Japanese crime syndicate. Hiro manages an audience with the gangster, who acknowledges a long-ago relationship with his mom but denies paternity. Struggling with life after war, beset by PTSD, and financially distressed, Hiro is lured into working with the gang who view him as key to their plans for expansion abroad.

Hiro dives deep into Japan’s underworld and performs like the real deal. But as the cathartic thrill of the amped-up lawlessness fizzles, he realizes he’s but a pawn in a violent game and must craft an exit to survive. An out seems possible when he is chosen to reboot the gang’s mothballed hotel development on Guam, except that the assignment comes with a steep price—orders to eliminate a gangster guilty of betrayal hiding out on the island.

On Guam, the only light in Hiro’s ever-darkening reality is a loving relationship with the politically connected, charismatic Carla. Hiro knows his backstory endangers her but cannot let her go. Ironically, it is she that embroils him (unintentionally) in a local conspiracy run by perps prepared to kill to keep their misdeeds under wraps. With the walls closing in from all sides, Hiro must play his cards right to redeem himself and save the woman he loves.


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